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Te Karanga | The Call – Part Two

Without getting too self-helpish, you really are God’s gift to the world! You have a unique contribution to make and a responsibility to find out what He’s asking you to do. As His love flows through you it will express itself in unique ways via your unique abilities to lovingly help repair the sin damage around you.

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Te Karanga | The Call – Part One

The English word “call” is probably derived from the Welsh “galw”. In English we intermingle this Welsh with Latin so that “calling” is related to many words with the Latin root “voco”: vocal, advocate, irrevocable, provoke, revoke, equivocal, even vowel and vocabulary. It is also the root of vocation.

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Mission Cycle – Part Two

As a mission mobiliser I’ve spent a lot of time considering why people choose to get involved in a type of mission that relocates them. There are a host of different reasons, but one thing seems clear from Scripture and lived experience: God moves people. Moreover, God moves people for His purposes.

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Mission Cycle – Part One

If you’re a Westerner you’d probably think of history in linear terms and think the Bible supports that worldview. In the Biblical narrative the world has a start, there is some history in the middle and there is a description of the world ending. If you’re a non-Westerner chances are that you’d take a more cyclical view of reality and read the Bible from that perspective.

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Mission (re)Defined – Part Two

Jesus is the epitome of what we now understand a “missionary” to be: one sent forth by God for a specific purpose. While being God He was sent by God to activate the next part of God’s grand plan. Jesus was God’s weapon of mass Sin destruction, and He knew it. Jesus’ entire ministry was a message from the Father about what the Great Change would look like. “The Kingdom of God is like…”

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