Category: Mobilisation

Pass The Kumara

We can sometimes be so thrilled with what we have received that we are tempted to “save” it in case we run out. This is a poverty mentality. The Polynesian people have an abundance mentality that informs their values of hospitality. The kumara is evidence of this and its spread throughout the world is a great metaphor for the gospel.

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Te Karanga | The Call – Part Two

Without getting too self-helpish, you really are God’s gift to the world! You have a unique contribution to make and a responsibility to find out what He’s asking you to do. As His love flows through you it will express itself in unique ways via your unique abilities to lovingly help repair the sin damage around you.

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Te Karanga | The Call – Part One

The English word “call” is probably derived from the Welsh “galw”. In English we intermingle this Welsh with Latin so that “calling” is related to many words with the Latin root “voco”: vocal, advocate, irrevocable, provoke, revoke, equivocal, even vowel and vocabulary. It is also the root of vocation.

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