Category: Strategy

Tangled Nets

The concept of change is a common discussion point these days, no less so in the global missions community. It can create a deep sense of disequilibrium, but it also present tremendous opportunities for innovative solutions to emerge. Rather than tangle our nets, let’s cast them afresh for a new day.

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Pass The Kumara

We can sometimes be so thrilled with what we have received that we are tempted to “save” it in case we run out. This is a poverty mentality. The Polynesian people have an abundance mentality that informs their values of hospitality. The kumara is evidence of this and its spread throughout the world is a great metaphor for the gospel.

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Koroutahi | One Purpose

The Polynesian people have a strong oceanic worldview, and we New Zealand Māori are no different. A very common proverb among Māori encourages us to think collectively as if we were all in a single waka/canoe. All God’s people should think this way and commit to unity. The NZ missions community have developed a Koroutahi Manifesto to express this. See the link in this post.

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