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Jan 7, 2016 | Interculturality, Leadership, Mission, Navigation, Relationships, Strategy

Tena tātou katoa e te iwi mīhana… (Greetings to all in the tribe of missions)
Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou! (Happy -Western- New Year)

In The Same Boat

The dominant culture in our land (Pakeha or Western) has carried us across a threshold into another new beginning just as other cultures do in different ways at different seasons in different places, under one heaven. Regardless of how we celebrate the changes of whatever we consider our annual cycle, we are one, together, in the hope of a fresh start.

We are one, together: tātau tātau (ki ngati Kahungunu – the way my tribe spells it). Whether it is spelt (or spelled) as tātau or tātou the meaning stands – we are unified, indivisible and at a loss without all involved. “Tātau tātau” is the motto of my old high school, Kuranui College (in the South Wairarapa).

What this next year holds for us, who can tell? But we can expect GOOD because that’s what God promises us (Rom 8:28). My commitment this year as the leader of the missions community in Aotearoa New Zealand is to further the vision of the community. Missions Interlink’s purpose to this end is to foster unity: together, extending God’s Kingdom.

A Māori proverb expresses this well: “He waka eke noa” (we are all, without exception, in this one canoe). The intention of this proverb is to emphasize the fact that everyone’s contribution matters. Everyone is valuable and has a valuable role to play. We would be the poorer for the lack of their contribution. As the US Marines say, ‘no one is left behind’.

He waka eke noa (we are all, without exception, in this one canoe) Click To Tweet

With The Same Vision

In 2008 the missions organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand collaborated and agreed on a common manifesto, a common commitment to the cause of mission. We called it the Koroutahi Manifesto – Koroutahi is a Māori word picture that conveys one/single (tahi) unified purpose (korou).

The manifesto affirms the common missions theology of the missions community of Aotearoa New Zealand.

I encourage all members of the missions community of Aotearoa New Zealand to refamiliarise yourself with this comprehensive document. Let’s recalibrate, recommit and relaunch the waka of mission from and within Aotearoa New Zealand, trusting in our Navigator the Holy Spirit to guide.

The Koroutahi Manifesto is available to download online from this link.

Followers of Jesus, go into all the world, make disciples of people everywhere, and #stayonmission! 👊🏼

Nga mihi nui (warmest greetings)